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04 May 2024

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20 May 2023


Question 2 can only be answered correctly after watching the next video.

Provided what is known to the student to the point of this quiz, "Reporting with visuals" is still part of "Data Science" (green rectangle) and has not been "moved out" of it. Additionally, the "Machine Learning" rectangle is not a subset of the "Data Science", but intersects with it. Given that, it is likely that the students will select the 3rd option instead of the 4th, which will be considered incorrect. Might I suggest the quiz be placed after the full presentation is shown (i.e., after the next video), or question #2 of it be removed?

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Posted on:

23 May 2023


I agree.

Posted on:

27 Nov 2023


This was just my experience. I got a disappointment when saw my answer as "wrong".

This quiz should be revisited.

Posted on:

04 May 2024


Hi Andrey, Varsha and Erick!

Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry to hear about your disappointment. The course questions and exercises have been updated a few months ago. I hope you encounter no issues of the kind anymore.

Good luck and please feel free to post another question should you encounter any difficulties. Thank you.

Hope this helps.

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