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02 Feb 2021

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31 Jan 2021


Inconvenient Features in New Platform


I find these new features really inconvenient.
1. no progress bar on the video any more. It is a very important feature for me to search and watch the content if I need to.
2. The small pre-view window is not watchable. I'd like to exercise along the course, so most of the time I do not use the maximized window. But the small window in new platform is too small to watch.
3. Pause button. It only works at the middle of the screen which is hard to locate.
4. Play Next button. When I want to play the next lesson with "autoplay off", I have to scroll down to find the next lesson. Could you add back to "play next" on the video window?
5. Reason to change the resolution of the video so frequently?

Any ways to work around them? Thank you.

Jo Zhou

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Posted on:

02 Feb 2021


I agree with Jo Zhou.  These features are inconvenient.
I have another point to make: in the previous format, it was possible to read the text of the lesson.  That feature is also gone.
The previous format was better.

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