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08 Apr 2024

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05 Apr 2024


Resolved: to start Kaggle competition

Hi , I am taking courses of "Data scientist" at the moment. I would like to challange the competition of Kaggle in the future. Please tell me , in the learning path ,at least, which course should I finish to be able to start, understand, and solve the task by the Kaggle competition? Please give me some further advise.

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08 Apr 2024


Hi Osamu, 
thanks for reaching out and congratulations on starting your data science journey! I believe that the Intro to Python and Python Programmer Bootcamp courses are a great way to start if you're new to programming in Python. After that, depending on what the kaggle competition is, whether it is data analysis or machine learning related, we have some more specialized courses on these topics. For data analysis I can recommend the following courses related to pandas and NumPy:

For machine learning, we cover a few key classification and regression techniques, as well discuss unsupervised learning here:

Additionally, if you wish, you can browse through our Projects and select some related to Python, to help you prepare for the kaggle competition:

Let me know if you have other questions on courses or materials recommendations. I'd be happy to help!


365 Eli

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