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11 Sept 2022

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08 Sept 2022


Resolved: Too little time to answer all the 6 questions

I just wanted to report that having on average 2 minutes per question is too little. It takes 1 minute just to read the question, maybe more if we don't understand it immediately, then we have to think about the answer, and in some questions we have also to write some code on MySQL to know the answer. I think that we should have at least 20 minutes instead of 12. Thank you

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11 Sept 2022


Hi Alessandro!

Thanks for reaching out.

We have estimated the time required to take each exam based on the level we would like you to have achieved prior to moving on to the next section/exam/course. While I wouldn't argue about the time you suggest that one needs to read and understand a question, the code you need to execute to answer these 6 questions can be written in way less than 6 minutes. Therefore, answering these questions within the provided time limit is a matter of how readily available you have the relevant information to answer the given questions. In other words, this exam does not check your knowledge on advanced topics, nor does it attempt to explore your abilities to go beyond the material taught in the course. Therefore, I'd suggest re-watching part of the relevant videos/explanations if necessary, as well as improving the speed of coding in SQL by the time you arrive at this stage of the course by doing the corresponding exercises throughout the course. Moreover, please don't forget to have set up the database and Workbench prior to starting the given exam.
In any case, this is the idea of the given exam and the people that have passed it have not mentioned time as a hindrance to the successful completion of it. Nevertheless we take your feedback into account and should more students point out the same issue, we will alter the time required to take the given exam. However, please do remember that the goal here is you to become independent and confident SQL and relational databases user. So, I'd say we'd rather be happy to help you better acquire the material taught until this part of the course than just increase the time provided for the passing of this exam.
Therefore, let's consider the thread you open a work in progress. At the same time, we remain available for further clarifications, of course.

Hope this helps.

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