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24 Dec 2022

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21 Dec 2022


Resolved: Typo for the list numbers

Hi there,
Is there a typo of the list, numbers = [1,2,3,4,5]?
The final answer is [0,2,4,6,8] by multiplying 2 to the numbers list.
However, the final answer should be the list  [2,4,6, 8,10] if that is the case.

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Posted on:

24 Dec 2022


Hi Hee!

Thanks for reaching out and for pointing this out.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience. There has been a typo in the question asked which affects the correct answer of the question.
We will update the question as soon as possible. Please allow for a few days until the update is applied online. Thank you very much for your patience in advance.

Kind regards,

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