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05 Dec 2023

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08 Oct 2023


Resolved: Update greatly appreciated

Maybe an update of the video with a code that works. It's clear this code is deprecated. We need something clean & reliable  

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Posted on:

07 Nov 2023


Hi Patrick!

Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for your request. The issue is that Yahoo Finance currently requires registration. And all finance data providers have been recently going through changes quite often. Therefore, we've provided *.csv files you can use to complete the course successfully.

For using online data - please consider using yfinance, I think it is currently in a better state than Yahoo.

Once we conclude the online financial data providers are in a more stable state, we will either update the lectures or post a new announcement/article/lecture!

Hope this helps.

Posted on:

05 Dec 2023


Hi Martin, 

Where can I get the csv files?

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