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04 May 2024

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18 May 2023


Resolved: Values asked for both IN and OUT Parameter

Even i got same issue as  Barun Dev Pradhan after running the stored procedure.

As you can see, it's asking for values for both in and out parameter.

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Posted on:

13 Nov 2023


I had the same issue,  but I switched the IN OUT to lower case and it works again. Not sure why. Hopefully someone can answer this question

Posted on:

19 Nov 2023


Hi Kshitij and woola

Apparently we shared a common issue, however, try to input an employee number in the "IN" Parameter and disregard the "OUT" Parameter afterwards execute it.

It works, I've tried it.

Posted on:

04 May 2024


Hi everyone!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. 

Please follow the explanations provided in the course lectures. Other than that, there is a bug in plenty of the MySQL versions, requiring to write in and out with small letters. We have written to their support but to no avail so far. At the end of the day, in terms of operation, the procedures are working so it is not much of an issue. We don't know if there's any other reason for using small letters in this situation.

In the meantime, please switch between using small and big letters and hopefully this will sort the issues you encounter.

Other than that, thank you very much for sharing your cases with the Community!
Kind regards,

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