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28 Feb 2022

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26 Feb 2022


What code do I need to run to get Python to recognize the preset colors?

My syntax all words fine until I add the color =
I get this error:

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\matplotlib\ in to_rgba_array(c, alpha)
    366     if isinstance(c, str):
--> 367         raise ValueError("Using a string of single character colors as "
    368                          "a color sequence is not supported. The colors can "
    369                          "be passed as an explicit list instead.")

What do code do I need to run that I must have missed to get the preset colors?

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Posted on:

28 Feb 2022


Hi Michelle,
thanks for reaching out! Could you also send a snapshot of the code for the chart as well? Thanks in advance!

365 Eli

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