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20 Dec 2023

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15 Dec 2023


Which career path is more relevant in the current market?

My primary goal here in 365 Data Science is to learn the fundamentals and hopefully advanced methods employed in Data Science, obtain enough practical knowledge to do at least 3 decent projects for my portfolio as well as having a keen sense of where exactly look for a Data Science job vacancy, and how to negotiate effectively my salary.

Here in the country where I'm living right now (Chile) most Data Science jobs vacancies expect you to do most (if not all) the roles mentioned here in this lesson, and I'd like to know which of the 3 career paths offered here covers most of it.

I'm challenging myself to do all those 3 career paths as well as do at least 3 major projects for my portfolio within a year, but if that's not possible at least I'd like to complete the most important certificates for my Linked In profile for now. My goal is to do this career transition as fast as possible.

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Posted on:

20 Dec 2023


Hi Erick,

Good to hear from you. Considering that you want to make a very quick transition, I would advise you to pay more attention to the Data Analyst career track + 3 practical courses that we have Customer Churn + Customer Engagement + Growth Analysis (upcoming). This should allow you to work on projects (we have suitable unique projects inside the platform), which will get you job-ready.

Good luck on your journey! I'm rooting for you!



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