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12 Feb 2022

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10 Feb 2022


Resolved: Why can't we make Age intervals?

In this lesson, we are told to leave the Age column as it is.
But why can't we make age intervals like 20-30, 30-40....etc and then map them to 0,1,2,3....?

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12 Feb 2022


Hi Saransh!

Thanks for reaching out.

What you suggest is indeed a good idea particularly if our final goal was merely interpreting the dataset better or making inferences about different age categories.
Instead, we are preparing (or cleaning) the dataset for machine learning. Therefore, even at this stage, we are aware that we can leave the different age values to be handled by the Machine Learning model we will deal with in the next section.
Therefore, please proceed with the lectures from the course. By the end of the Machine Learning section (Section 4), I am sure you will have developed a better understanding of why we've chosen to not categorize the age values at this stage of the solution.

Hope this helps.

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