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17 Feb 2024

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13 Nov 2023


Resolved: Why is the answer 0.17?

FOR If the frequency of a variable is 20 and its total frequency of all variables is 120, what is its relative frequency?

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14 Nov 2023


Hello Addrian!

Thanks for reaching out!

To calculate the relative frequency of a variable, you divide the frequency of that specific variable by the total frequency of all variables. This gives you a proportion that represents how frequently this variable occurs relative to the entire dataset.

In our case we have the following:

Frequency of the variable: 20
Total frequency of all variables: 120

Therefore, we divide 20/120 which gives you the answer of 0.167. In other words, this variable represents about 16.7% of the total frequency in your dataset.

Hope this helps!


The 365 Team

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17 Feb 2024


20/120. frequency of the var / Total Frequency of the items

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