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29 Apr 2023

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05 Jun 2022


Your ridiculous info graph with ALL IT'S OVERLAPS should be DOWNLOADABLE!

Your ridiculous INFOGRAPH WITH ALL IT'S OVERLAPS and INFO OVERKILL should be downloadable to REFER to for your idiot quizzes.

Also in all your videos on that info graph you keep jumping around rather than staying on one particular part of the graph for more user friendly and SIMPLISTIC UNDERSTANDING

At this point I would 1. Never recommend 365 to anyone and 2. Actually feel like quitting and getting a refund asap

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07 Jun 2022


Hi Frederika!

Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Please visit the following lecture from the Introduction to Data and Data Science course:
Below the video, you can find the resources that you can download. Please do that to have the diagram and infographic at your diposal;
Hope this helps but please feel free to get back to us should you need further assistance. Thank you.

Posted on:

29 Apr 2023


Frederika, you made my day. Aren't you embarassed for making yourself look dumb on the internet? 

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