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Data Strategy

Bernard Marr
Data Strategy expert
Companies that sit on treasure troves of data but have no defined or bad data strategy not only fail to collect dividends from their wealth of data, but also incur great financial and reputational losses. In these free pdf course notes on Data Strategy, you will learn what is the purpose of a company’s data strategy, how data strategy helps build competitive advantage, how to create technology and data infrastructures that support business growth and much more.

Who is it for

These free pdf Data Strategy course notes are designed for business managers, business analysts, marketing executives, data scientists and data analysts who wish to educate themselves in data-driven practices and leverage them for business success.

How it can help you

In an age where data is the oil that drives business growth, studying these free course notes will teach you what is data strategy, how to implement best practices on data strategy, so you have a roadmap of leading your company towards success.

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Data Strategy