Grey cover of Probability. These course notes are from 365 Data Science.


Viktor Mehandzhiyski
Instructor at 365 Data Science

We use the intuitive concept of probability on a daily basis in our lives, just by the mere fact that we live in constant uncertainty. Data Science is one of the fields where we need to have conscious mastery and understanding of probability – the backbone of many important data science concepts. If you want to adopt the probabilistic mindset then check out our free pdf course notes which will teach you the basics of probability, combinatorics, Bayesian Notation, discrete distributions, continuous distributions, setting up and solving integrals and expressing complex formulas in Wolfram Alpha. 

Who is it for

These free pdf course notes are going to be very helpful for aspiring Data Scientists, , Data Analysts, Business Analysts and anyone who wants to integrate the necessary probabilistic mindset to their data work.

How it can help you

Learning the fundamental probability theory laid down in these course notes will give you the necessary foundation to build machine learning, deep learning models later down the line in your data science journey.