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Intro to Neural Networks

Iskren Vankov

Machine Learning is the field concerned with building computational  models that can execute high-level tasks using human-like reasoning. In other words, machine learning models possess the ability to learn autonomously. The recent introduction of neural networks has opened a new set of possibilities for machine learning and deep learning. Before you explore them, check out these free pdf course notes on intro to neural networks and get to know the building blocks of a machine learning algorithm, and the two types of supervised learning- regression and classification.

Who is it for

These Intro to Neural Networks course notes are for aspiring Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and anyone who is interested in the world of machine learning.

How it can help you

Before you can start building life changing machine learning algorithms and deep neural network models, you need to have a solid grasp on the machine learning concepts- some of which are presented in these course notes.

Intro to Neural Networks