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Neural Networks Overview

Iliya Valchanov
Co-founder of 365 Data Science

Currently, the closest technology to mimicking the human brain and learning process is deep learning. It uses mathematical functions to map the input to the output and form patterns out of the data. Computationally superior to machine learning, deep learning can even analyze huge sets of unstructured data. At the heart of deep learning are neural networks which mimic the neuron activity in the human brain, enabling us to learn the structure of data by performing various tasks, without the need for human intervention. Check out these short free pdf course notes to find out the three layers of deep neural networks and the activation functions. 

Who is it for

These free Neural Networks Overview course notes are for aspiring Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and anyone who is interested in learning the basic theoretical concepts behind deep neural networks.

How it can help you

Neural Networks are at the heart of innovation and technological breakthroughs in the fields of healthcare, transportation, agriculture to name a few. But before you can harness its power you need to build your deep learning and neural networks foundations with these course notes.

Neural Networks Overview