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Using Data

This free practice exam on Using Data designed by 365 Data Science collaborator Oliver Maugain- top-level executive at a major European retail brand and a passionate data literacy teacher who wants to popularize the language of data. The data literacy assessment exam contains data literacy questions which are going to test your comprehension on how data is being used and the different machine learning and business analytics techniques.

Olivier Maugain
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Who is it for

This data literacy practice exam is for people who want a successful career in business or anyone who wants to understand how to measure business performance. If you are seeking to assess where you are in your journey, then this data literacy practice test is the perfect educational resource for you.

How it can help you

Completing data literacy practice exam will evaluate your familiarity with modern business analytics techniques and the three types of machine learning. The detailed data literacy test feedback is going to uncover any potential gaps in your knowledge and accelerate your journey towards mastering the language of insightful data interpretation and communication.

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The 365 Data Science program is great for beginners. It gives in-depth knowledge and clears every concept. After every lecture, some exercises are given for students to complete for practice, and solutions also. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to be a data scientist and brush up their skills.

harshita sharma Pakistan

The 365 Data Science course is outstanding, it has an outstanding interface and awesome courses from a basic to an advanced level. I really appreciate the quality of the material and the content of this Data Science course!! Thanks to the 365 Data Science team!

Rakesh Patel United States

The 365 Data Science program was excellent. It does meet my expectations 100%. I do thank the 365 Data Science Team for putting this great work together in one package & with a very reasonable price. Hands down, you are the best! Please, keep this great work up!

Amrouni France

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