Purple Blue Cover of Box and Whiskers Chart with ggplot2 in R. This template resource is from 365 Data Science.

Box and Whiskers Chart with ggplot2 in R

Elitsa Kaloyanova
Head of Data Content
A box and whiskers chart graphically represents the distribution of data through their quartiles. It is often used in financial settings when analyzing the market volatility and can reveal the skewness of data or potential outliers. Тhis free .r template goes over the Titanic’s data set using the ggplot2 library in R, revealing interesting insights about e the survival rate based on age and sex. By following the outlined steps in this R template, you will learn how to convey the information professionally using the ggplot2 functionalities.

Who is it for

Data scientist, business analysts, financial analysts and anyone who wishes to expand their toolbelt in data visualization using R language is going to find value when using the template. This template specifically is designed for individuals who want to create box and whiskers chart with ggplot2 in R.

How it can help you

Utilizing ggplot2’s Grammar of Graphics, based on seven distinct layers will help you create intuitive graphics tailored to your specific needs. You are going to learn how to use the three mandatory layers of ggplot2, as well as how to set aesthetic mappings for individual layers of a graph to achieve more polished results.

Box and Whiskers Chart with ggplot2 in R