Kiran Badriprasad

Kiran B became a data analyst after the pandemic hit the hospitality sector, where he had worked as a manager for the past 5 years. He decided to pursue his newfound passion for data science, having already dabbled with statistics and data analysis at his job. Kiran now shares how 365 Data Science played an instrumental role in achieving his professional goals.

Switched from Guest Relations Manager to Data Analyst

Kiran B worked as a manager in Guest Relations in the 5 years leading up to the pandemic. Despite having a Master’s degree in Computer Science and 3 years of work experience as a Java and C++ Developer, he decided to pursue a career in hospitality. Nevertheless, he believes that his education (and good people skills) benefited him greatly when he first started out in this field.
Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, the hospitality and tourism sectors suffered serious losses. Like many others, Kiran faced the challenge of looking for alternative solutions.
That’s when he set his eyes on a career in data science.

I decided to explore my newly found passion for data science. I was already doing data analysis with respect to guest data. I did so with the help of statistics and by targeting certain guests based on those results. I was astonished at how I could generate additional revenue with these hidden insights, which could not have been possible with plain sight.

Having made up his mind, Kiran began looking for online educational content that could help him gain theoretical knowledge and improve his skills. He headed to YouTube where he discovered a video from 365 Data Science. Without realizing there was a platform he can learn from, Kiran immediately subscribed to the channel because he found the explanations easy to understand and follow.
Later on, Kiran discovered that just like the YouTube videos, the 365 Data Science courses were not only approachable and beginner-friendly, but also presented the learning material in a memorable way.

I liked the way the concepts were being explained with those animated characters. Rather than listening to some explanation, I felt that I was listening to stories most of the times and, in turn, I had learnt concepts. Stories get into your mind quickly and stay in your memory longer.

365 Data Science quickly became his first choice for e-learning resources. “I could have taken some courses online for free too,” Kiran shares. But he found that the teaching methods on our platform gave him more clarity and cemented the concepts in his mind easier, along with the supplementary resources and practical exercises that came with each course. He admits that the course exams were “challenging” – a trait Kiran appreciated as this prepared him for the job interview process, while simultaneously adding more value to the certificates he earned.
Another thing he enjoyed about the 365 Data Science platform was the interactive Q&A section where he could contact the instructors personally and receive a quick and timely reply.
Despite his background in computer science and software development, Kiran had some gaps in his knowledge that he was able to fill by taking the courses on the 365 Data Science platform. For instance, he says his Python skills were “nonexistent”, but thanks to the self-paced videos and practical exercises in the training, he is now able to solve problems at his workplace using the programming language. This has earned him respect and appreciation from both his colleagues and his manager, who has congratulated Kiran on a job well done on more than one occasion.
While studying, Kiran spent 3 to 4 hours a day on the platform and now holds over 14 industry-recognized certificates. Thanks to this unrelenting motivation and knowledge he’s accumulated from 365 Data Science, he successfully landed a data analyst job in India.

I am respected at my work because of my solid understanding of the data science concepts and I would like to sincerely thank the 365 Data Science team for this. Even some of the seniors at my workplace do consult me when they need to solve a problem.

Kiran firmly believes data science is a wonderful career that brings satisfaction and respect. The insights he gets by using his data science knowledge are amazing and “totally invisible” to non-technical people, which makes his skills even more special. That’s why he encourages everyone who is interested in working with data to step into this rewarding field. “The demand for data will never go down,” the successful data analyst asserts, “ so, data science is definitely here to stay.”

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