Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson, a.k.a. the Data Wiz, is a 5th grade student who proves that age is nothing but a number when it comes to learning data science. She shares how the 365 Data Science Program helped her transform her curiosity into invaluable programming and data visualization skills.

Built an ML Algorithm at the Age of 10

Faith Johnson is not your regular 10-year-old girl. It’s true that she likes animating, writing novels and manga like some of her peers do. But she also possesses unique coding superpowers, plots charts and graphs as a hobby, and builds machine learning algorithms from scratch. Yes, one of our most extraordinary students is a young, self-driven genius who made her first ML model with our program, all the while staying modest about her exceptional skills and accomplishments.
“It was a very basic algorithm. I made it using only NumPy by following along on one of the 365 Data Science Machine Learning course videos,” Faith explains. “The model could be used to make a simple linear regression. Still, as straightforward as it was, I’m proud of myself.“
And she should be. Faith’s quest for knowledge started with her curiosity for machine and deep learning, which, she was happy to find in the 365 Data Science Program.
Although she liked just about everything in the curriculum, her heart was set on data analysis and machine learning from the very beginning. She enjoyed these parts the most because she loves plotting and testing data, as well as seeing her data grow into a valuable function useable for data analytics. As for her favorite courses, Faith shares there are 2 she found particularly useful.

365’s beginner to mastermind courses make it easier to understand not only ML’s potential but also its downsides. Another big pro is that in the Data Visualization course, you show students how to work in 4 different environments (R, Python, Excel, and Tableau). Overall, the Machine Learning and Data Visualization courses are what really shines out to me from the program.

The young prodigy admits that she loves data science just as much as she enjoys drawing and that our training was a big part of it. Before joining us, she knew that programming languages were applied in apps and websites, but she was yet to discover how the models behind the scenes in those applications work.

365 Data Science helped to open my eyes wider, and they also helped my programming language vocabulary expand. Because of that, I am still studying and learning to this day. Overall, data science changed my life, and I am very grateful that 365 Data Science came into existence.

What Faith appreciates most about her learning experience is that, unlike other courses, she wasn’t expected to be a Nancy-Know-it-All. The Data Wiz, as her friends call her, has already recommended us to her classmates and encourages anyone hesitant about diving into data science to just go straight in.

Whatever your skills are, they’ll make sure you understand everything, and they stick to their word. The 365 Data Science program is a wonderful curriculum to take, and I believe that anyone can be a data scientist if they work hard and persevere their way through tough hurdles.

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