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Whether you're starting your career, making a switch or want to elevate your skill-set, a certificate from a trusted program will go a long way in demonstrating you're qualified for the job. With over 900,000 students trained, 365 Data Science certification is recognized as a mark of excellence. Our students have gone onto put their skills to work at top companies including PayPal, Tesla, Walmart and

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Enroll in the 365 Data Science Online Program and start learning data science at your own pace!


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With each course you complete, you'll automatically receive a course completion certificate (33 in total).


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Complete the 365 Data Science Program (26 required courses the first three modules, 1 elective from the specialization module and 640 exercises). Congratulations! you’re now a qualified Data Scientist. Email us at to request your Certificate of Program Completion.


Receive your Certificate

After confirming all requirements have been met, we’ll send your certificate with the unique verification number, within three working days.


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Do I need a Data Science background to enroll?

Data Scientists come from a range of academic disciplines and prior concentration in data science is not required to enroll.

Our 2019 study of 1,001 Data Scientists, shows that data scientists originate from a wide range of educational backgrounds. The most popular is Data Science and Analysis (21%) followed by Computer Science (18%). Statistics and Mathematics (16%) along with Economics and Social Sciences (12%) are also common areas of study.

What distinguishes a 365 Data Science education?

Curriculum Breadth and Depth

With 33 courses and 639 practice exercises, the 365 Data Science Certificate of Completion will give you broad exposure to the wide range of data science topics, while advanced and specialized courses enable a deep dive into specific topics.

Expert Instruction

Our courses are taught by subject matter experts with extensive teaching experience. If a question arises, or you get stuck on an exercise, your instructor will be there to personally assist. You’ll move forward with confidence, having mastered one topic before advancing to the next.

Engaging Format

Data is all around us and it’s innumerable applications are deeply exciting! Data Science education too, should be engaging. Our instructors use beautiful videos to explain concepts and the program includes over 639 practice exercises.

Accessibility and Value

A quality data science education is no longer limited to traditional universities that are usually expensive and restrictive. With 365 Data Science, the skills and experience you need can be acquired online at your own pace.

Whatever your level, we’ve got you covered

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Will I get a certificate of completion?

You can receive two types of certificates for this program.

Course-specific certificates
These certificates are confirmations that you have completed an individual course in the program. They are automatically generated from our Learning platform and you will receive notification by email for each one that you’ve unlocked. Currently, you can receive up to 32 course-specific certificates.

Certificate of Completion for the entire training
Once you finish the entire program by completing all courses, exercises, and assignments, we will send you a personal and verifiable certificate which you can add to your resume, post on LinkedIn, and send to prospective employers.

The certificate will prove that you have gained a wide range of data science skills and are qualified for a data scientist or data analyst position.

What does verifiable certificate mean?

Any prospective employer can contact us to receive official confirmation that you have completed the data science program and receive a list of the skills you have acquired.

Is the curriculum self-paced - or is there a schedule?

The curriculum is entirely self-paced. Moreover, you are not obliged to follow the order of the courses we have suggested. If you wish, you may directly jump to the more advanced topics.

Who do I contact if I need help?

If you have course-related questions and need help with an exercise or concept, you can post in our Q&A HubThis instructor-led forum is the quickest way to get an answer from our qualified teachers.

If you have a question related to our program, payments, benefits, or anything else, you can contact us through email at:

Either way, we are here for you and will do our best to help you in any way you need!

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