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Marta Teneva 28 Nov 2022 1 min read

starting a career in data science course

We’ve been working quietly on this project for some time, but finally, we’re ready to reveal our latest collaboration with a top industry expert in the field of data science.

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Starting a Career in Data Science with Ken Jee.

Ken Jee is one of the most popular YouTubers providing insights into data science, with over 70k followers on his channel. Currently Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group, he has worked for several prominent industries: consulting, startups, and conglomerates like GE. Ken has an MSc in Computer Science (DePaul University), and a BS in Economics (Towson University).

In this course, he leverages his rich experience in recruitment of data scientists to share his unique perspective on landing a job in the field.

You will learn everything you need to start a successful career in data science: how to create your data science project portfolio, build your resume, get an interview through networking, and succeed through all stages of the data science interview process.

Ken has also included exclusive mock-interviews and 1-on-1 conversations with professionals who have already landed data science positions. Those not only give you an inside look into the mind of successful candidates, but also show you how the interview process really works.

In addition, this course provides you with resume templates, downloadable materials, some useful infographics, as well as a section on how to optimize your LinkedIn, Github, and Kaggle profiles for recruitment purposes.

Starting a Career in Data Science is part of the 365 Data Science Online Program, so existing subscribers can access the courses at no additional charge. To learn more about the course curriculum or subscribe to the Data Science Online Program, please visit our Courses page.  

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Marta Teneva

Senior Copywriter

Marta is a former Senior Copywriter at 365 Data Science. Digging into her own experience of transitioning into a new field and all the uncertainty that initially goes with it, she creates informative and fun to read content that helps our readers expand their career options in data science and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.