New Course! SQL for Data Science Interviews with Tina Huang

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The 365 Team 20 Oct 2021 1 min read

SQL for data science interviews course with Tina Huang

For us at 365 Data Science, it’s always exciting to launch a new course, especially when it is the result of a collaboration with a top industry expert contributing to the 365 Data Science Program for the first time.

So today, we're proud to reveal the latest addition to our program: the SQL for Data Science Interviews Course with Tina Huang!

Tina Huang is a data scientist currently working at a large FAANG enterprise. Previously, she has interned at Goldman Sachs where she used Python and Scala to implement machine learning techniques for automated anomaly detection. In addition to her rich experience, including bioinformatics cancer research at OICR, Tina is a popular YouTuber with over 60K subscribers.

In this course, Tina will introduce you to a 5-step framework that will help you tackle any SQL question with ease and ace your data science interview. Through 10 mock interviews with real interview questions in a real interview style, you will learn how to handle any curveball interviewers throw your way, keep the conversation going, and demonstrate the logic behind your answers.

By the end of the course, you will have done the SQL interview at least 10 times – so, when the real interview comes, it will feel like just another practice round.

Who Is the SQL for Data Science Interviews Course for?

Whether you are an aspiring data scientist, data analyst, or BI analyst, you will benefit greatly from this practical course. It is also a perfect fit for anyone who needs to get through SQL interview questions to land their target job, regardless of the industry.

What Will You Learn in This Course?

You will learn how to:

✔ Build a winning strategy for the data science interview

✔ Focus on the interview question at hand

✔ Handle real-world interview questions in a guided walkthrough of mock interviews

✔ Work on your communication skills and interview style

✔ Apply Tina’s 5-step framework to acing your SQL interview

✔ Tell what SQL interviewers want to hear from you

✔ Demonstrate how you think and reason

✔ Reduce interview stress by doing the 10 mock interviews provided in the course

What’s more, there is a bonus section that provides you with helpful tips on how to recover from interview mistakes quickly and gracefully, how to prepare for follow-up questions, and, most importantly, how to remain calm during the interview. 

Ready to Ace the SQL Interview Questions?

The SQL for Data Science Interviews Course is part of the 365 Data Science Program, so enrolled students can access the courses at no extra cost.

Not a current subscriber? You can try the SQL for Data Science Interviews Course for free!

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