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18 Jun 2023

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14 Jun 2023


Resolved: thanks for the awesome course, but in my humble opinion the explanation needs an explanation

I might be wrong but 

for exmple: 

instead of saying (n+k)!= n! * (n+1) *(n+2)* ...... *(n+k) 

it is better to explain it this way: 

                             (n+k)! = (n+k) * (n+k-1)* (n+k-2)*.....*(n)! 

and with numbers to make it clearer: 

                             (n+3)! = (n+3) * (n+2) * (n+1)* n! 


5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 5*4! 


(5+2)! = (5+2) * (5+1) * (5)! 

NOTE: we are subtracting  (5+2) then (5+2-1) which is (5+1) and so on 

I know it is the same but the order of thoughts is very important, especially in this particular topic. since we are talking about probability!

I mean simplifying makes a better understanding. 

365 is amazing, the team is fablous but there are some gaps in many courses  

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16 Jun 2023


Hey Feras,

Thank you for reaching out, for the kind words, and for the valuable comment! It can help other students understand the topic of factorials better.

In each course, we put a lot of effort towards explaining the material in the most intuitive way. In the process of learning, however, each student finds their unique way towards undestanding a specific concept.

Still, if you find any of the topics unclear, you are always welcome to open a thread and discuss with instructors and fellow students.

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

Posted on:

18 Jun 2023


many thanks 

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