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04 Jul 2022


Curious if the time for the course exam in Mathematics too short?


I was curious if the time allowed for the course exam in Mathematics was too short for the number of questions to be attempted. Not sure what the expectations were here, but in some cases, I was trying to calculate things manually using my intuition while in other cases I was trying to type in the codes in the Jupyter notebook to find the answers. Either way, I felt like the time (40 min) is too short for 24 questions (especially for those who don't have STEM background) compared to other courses under the Data Science track (e.g., Machine Learning allowed about two hours for 30 questions). Also, if you are okay with us using the Jupyter notebook during the exams, is it possible to make the code parts copy-able (it takes time to type them from scratch)?

Thanks for your time.

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