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30 Dec 2022

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24 Dec 2022


Resolved: Pre-requisites to take the Mathematics module of Data Science course

Hi All,

I'm from non Math background. The Maths I have learnt in high school is long forgotten. Can anyone tell me if I need to have any pre-requisite knowledge about any mathematical concepts to take the Mathematics modue of Data Science course? Or the module itself is designed keeping dummy like me in mind to start off from the basics.

Kindly guide me.

Many thanks.

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29 Dec 2022


Hello Narasimha,

Thanks for reaching out!

Even if you’re a complete beginner, The 365 Data Science Program is designed to build up your expertise through intuitive, step-by-step courses that strike the perfect balance of theory and practical knowledge.

To start at the very beginning, we recommend that you select ‘Module 1’ in your Course Library.

From the fundamentals through the expert topics, you will acquire several valuable skills, including how to download and install the necessary software (e.g., Excel, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Python, R, MySQL, Tableau Public, etc.). This is one of the things that make us different from other platforms that consider mathematics and statistics a prerequisite

If you have any additional questions, let us know!

Best wishes,
The 365 Team.

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30 Dec 2022


Hello Magdalena,

Thank you very much for answering my query. As advised I will follow through all the sections of the course starting from Module 1. Hope to learn more from this portal.

Warm regards,

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