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12 Nov 2021

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11 Nov 2021


CV2 module fails to get imported

I tried to import cv2 but it is not working, I checked both anaconda and the environment I'm working on, and I found the package installed on both
when I try to import it I a message with no such module, what should I do?!

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Posted on:

12 Nov 2021


Hey Mahmoud,

Thank you for your question!

Before launching Visual Studio, have you made sure that you are in the environment where the library is installed? You can enter this environment by using the dropdown menu in the Anaconda Navigator:
Currently, mine says base(root) but you need to change that to wherever the library is installed. Once this is done, launch Visual Studio through the Anaconda Navigator.

Let me know if this worked!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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