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17 May 2023

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16 May 2023


Resolved: Comparing Program Delivery, Affordability, and Certificate Value?

How do your programs differ from those offered by Coursera, the DataCamp program (Google Data Analytics), and IBM courses regarding delivery methods? Furthermore, while these platforms offer financial aid programs, your programs are subscription-based, which may be unaffordable for individuals who live in third-world and wanted get an education due to inflation which is hard to get an education unaffordable. Could you clarify why your certificate holds value to companies compared to the certificates offered by Coursera and DataCamp? Given these factors, what reasons could one have to choose your programs over the others?

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17 May 2023


Hi Muhammad,

Good to hear from you.

Although each of the programs you mentioned is excellent, we consider 365 Data Science to be the based video-based solution for learning data analysis and data science. The advantages of our platform are:

- courses covering the fundamentals (Statistics, Probability, Math)

- a strong business focus (we have courses on topics like Data Strategy, How to select KPIs, Product Management, Business Analytics, How to think like a data scientist, and more.

- Using real-life data and business examples (one of our most extensive case studies on which we have built four courses is based on using our own data and analyzing it in front of students)

- Highly practical Machine Learning courses that allow you to learn from senior data scientists

Also, among the solutions you mentioned, our platform is the only one that offers a gamified experience that gives you certain rewards during your learning journey. 

We should not forget to mention that 365's certificates are certificates of achievement. Only students who pass respective course exams with 60% or more receive a course certificate or a career track certificate.

We continue to introduce new features in an effort to provide the best learning experience. At the same time I want to be upfront and share that 365 is a small company compared with the ones mentioned. We try to compensate with more effort on course production and higher customization for students.

Regarding pricing - there are several chances throughout the year to take advantage of promotions and special price discounts.  

Hope this is helpful! 

Good luck on your learning journey whichever platform you decide to go for. The most important thing is to get started and make learning a habit you pursue.



Posted on:

17 May 2023


Dear Ned, I wanted to express my gratitude for your prompt response. I truly appreciate you taking the time to address all of my questions, and I'm seriously considering joining your learning team and purchasing your courses soon. Thank you!

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