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19 Oct 2022

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10 Oct 2022


employees and dept_emp have different number of employees

Hi, when I compare the results of t_employees to the t_dept_emp  with the use of group by emp_no, I am supposed to get he same number of employees in bith tables, since both tabels are supposed to hold records of all employees, but the employees table gives me only 13539, and
I can see that many employess are missing from the table. Why is that please..?


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Posted on:

19 Oct 2022


Hi Kfir!
Thanks for reaching out.

The data in those tables is cut. If you have executed the script of the employees_mod database successfully, this is the data you will be working with. It does not matter that it does not coincide with the data in the employees database, in fact this is one of the reasons why we created this modified database - to have some differences with the original one. So, you can continue with the smooth taking of the course.

Hope this helps.

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