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11 Sept 2023

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23 Jul 2023


Inquiry about Next Steps in SQL and Tableau Course Progression

Title: Exploring Further Courses in SQL and Tableau - Seeking Guidance

I want to express my gratitude for the excellent instruction provided throughout the Basics of SQL, Advanced SQL, and SQL + Tableau courses. The knowledge and skills I gained from these courses have been immensely beneficial, and I am now eager to continue expanding my expertise in SQL and Tableau.

Considering the courses available, I am keen to inquire about the most suitable next steps in my learning journey. I have noticed four intriguing options, and I am uncertain about the ideal chronology for taking these courses to build upon my existing knowledge effectively.

The courses I am considering are as follows:

1. Advances SQL for Data Engineering
2. Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau
3. Customer Engagement Analysis with SQL and Tableau
4. Fashion Analysis with Tableau

I believe each of these courses offers unique insights and applications, but I would greatly appreciate your expert guidance on the best order to take them in. Which course would you recommend as the logical progression after completing the three foundational courses I have already finished?

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Posted on:

11 Sept 2023


Hi Rakshit!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please excuse me for the belated reply.

Thank you very much for the kind words. I am glad to hear you've appreciated the content we've provided.

As you probably guess, I'd suggest you did all four (and more!) of our courses since the knowledge and skills you gain will accumulate. Otherwise, to be more specific in our guidance - what is it exactly that you'd like to improve in your skillset? This would help us provide a better piece of advice.

Hope this helps.

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