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15 Jul 2021

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14 Jul 2021


Error Message in 5:35 of Creating DataFrame from Scratch - Part I


The Instructor had stated at the abovementioned timing that there is an error message due to the incomplete data in the column

However,  the error seem to be caused by the a missing comma in line 4 of the code. When i have input the same code, with comma, a dataframe did return but with the missing row value as an NAN


Confusingly, an error did surface when I used a different method to create the dataframe

could someone kindly advice with an explanation of what is going on? Why is there an error in one but not the other and was there some kind of mistake made by the Instructor?

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Posted on:

15 Jul 2021


Hi Janadass!

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. Regarding the first error message, we mean there's no data provided for 'ProductPrice'.

  2. In the second case, it seems you have missed to provide a value for the price of Product D.

Hope this helps.

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