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17 Jul 2023

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15 Jul 2023


Resolved: Error ocurring in PG = wb.DataReader('PG', data_source='yahoo', start='1995-1-1')

everytime i used this code it displays to me an error 

to solve this issue should i used yfinance every time or i missed something

so please inform me if i should do something

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Posted on:

17 Jul 2023


Hi Amal!

Thanks for reaching out.

Yahoo have recently made changes to their API so currently the code provided is unable to provide the dataset as shown in the video lectures. Potentially, this will only be a temporary issue (as has happened in the past), meaning that once Yahoo fix the related issues themselves, the code will start working again.
Of course, this depends entirely on their data teams, so we cannot guarantee the future outcome of these changes with certainty. Therefore, to ensure you smooth continuation with taking this course, please consider applying one of the following options (suggestions provided in order of preference according to us):
- use the *.csv files we've provided to the lectures
- use yfinance instead of pandas-datareader
- use pycryptodome or pycryptodomex (risking to use data that is not as reliable as of now)

Hope this helps.


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