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21 Dec 2021

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14 Dec 2021


Fashion Analytics with Tableau prerequisite

Does this course have any prerequisite?

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21 Dec 2021


Hi Erumpent,
thanks for reaching out!
The course itself does not have strict prerequisite, so you should be able to follow along without taking any of the previous courses.
Though there are no strict requirements for this course, I can suggest the following courses, if you feel you'd like to gain some understanding on the topic of using Tableau or analytics in general.
I'd suggest you take a look at the introduction to tableau course, if you've never used the software before, as the fashion analytics course features a practical example at the end using tableau or you can check out the data visualization course which also features parts in Tableau:
Introduction to Tableau | 365 Data Science
The Complete Data Visualization Course with Python, R, Tableau, and Excel | 365 Data Science
If you're interested in the analytics or theoretical part of the course you might want to see the intro to business analytics course first:
Introduction to Business Analytics | 365 Data Science
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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