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14 Sept 2023

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16 May 2023


Final Exam Question 18 & 21

Dear 365datascience team:

The code provided in questions 18 + 21&22 doesn't work at all!
For question 18:
    It seems that the code provided in answers dosn't work.
    I got the same error code 1054 to all the answer from 1-4.
    I may need your help on this one!

FOR question 21&22:
    The code provided in question & answer would result in an error code 1292.
    I fix this problem by simply replace the "AND" keyword with a comma (",")

    in BEGIN clause, and everything would be all right!

Thank you!

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Posted on:

14 Sept 2023



Could anyone tell me how to successfully run the code in Q18?

I still get the same error message to all the answers!

May need your help on this one.

Thank you!

best regards,

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