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26 Nov 2023

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14 Nov 2023


Question About Coding In Industry

Hello, thank you for the great instruction.

How long should a query like this take someone on average to complete when working out in the field?

Thank you

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26 Nov 2023


Hi Andrew!
Thanks for reaching out.

It's all relevant - the "fetch time", as it is called in MySQL, varies upon the size of the computer's RAM memory, the server containing the database and how many people are using it at that moment, the characteristics of the server and machine you are working with, etc. 

In the video in the course you see a situation in which there is only one computer attached to the server (the latter being local), so the fetch time is relatively low compared to other work scenarios. Of course, if the machines at the company you are working at are quick and well set up, the fetch time will not be much different for a database of the size of employees.sql.

Hope this helps.

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