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30 Aug 2022

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29 Aug 2022


Hello i have a question regarding the courses you need to complete.

Hi , I have joined thls online course a one day short of a month and i was wondering how many courses I would  have to complete in order to get a certificate as well as how long it could take to finish all the courses in the shortest period.

Thanks in advance.

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30 Aug 2022


Hello Balqiisa,

Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on making the first steps to becoming a data scientist!

To earn Course Certificates and Career Track Certificates, you’ll have to sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will be granted full access to the entire training and all complementary learning materials.

You can choose a career track that focuses on specific domain expertise and earn a Career Track Certificate to validate your skills. This certificate of achievement is intended as proof of your knowledge in a verifiable way for future employers, your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and other professional spaces. Currently, we have a Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Business Analyst career tracks.

Each career track consists of 1 optional course, 7 required courses, and 2 electives. Remember, you can take these courses and the exams related to them in your own time. If you successfully pass the 9 course exams within that track, you will be eligible to take a rigorous final exam, covering all the topics included in that career track. To obtain the Career Track Certificate, you must pass all 9 course exams and the final exam within that track.

Individual courses could be part of more than one career track. Please note that once you pass a course exam, its score will be automatically transferred to all relevant career tracks.

Completing our program and attaining our Certificate of Completion and Career Track Certificate ensures that you’re equipped with the right skills to excel in a career within Data Science.

Our Certificates are recognized by many employers and can be considered as a supplement to any application. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a job upon completing the program, or that having the certificate in the first place is a sure thing.

While listing your credentials and your certificate as part of any application may enhance your chances of a successful interview, it’s reasonable to expect that other aspects of your expertise, personality, and employability will play a large part in your overall application. We recommend listing your certificate on all your professional platforms, including your CV and Resume, and if appropriate, in your initial cover letter as well.

For more information on the career paths you can take as a Data Scientist, read our Starting a Career in Data Science guide.

In regards to your second question about how long does it take to complete our Program:
Everything about our program has been designed to be as convenient and efficient as possible. However, the actual duration of the program may change depending on the following factors:

1.     You’re working full-time or part-time. We have plenty of employed students who devote several hours per week to the program and find their ideal balance between work and learning. Of course, this will extend the amount of time the program takes, but this is up to how the individual prefers to manage their time.

2.    Your prior experience and knowledge level. Everyone joins our program at different levels and while our courses are great for beginners as well as experts, how much you already know about programming will naturally affect how fast you proceed. For instance, if a student starts from scratch, works part-time and completes all courses, 2-4 months is sufficient time. However, if someone already knows programming, statistics and related areas, they’ll likely only need 1-2 months.

3.    Motivation and engagement. While we design our courses to be as interesting and engaging as possible, there is a degree of individual responsibility in terms of learning time. Like any educational undertaking, you get back what you put in.

Please note that our courses are continually being reviewed and improved wherever possible. If more materials are added, this will increase the overall timeframe for completion.
We hope you find this information helpful!

Let us know if you have any other program-related questions at and we will do our best to answer you shortly!

Kind Regards,
The 365 Team

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