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31 Jan 2024

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30 Jan 2024


Resolved: How could i determine my Hypothesis testing approach variation ?

How could i select which hypothesis testing will i choose [one tail, two tail] by given the problem . it would be helpfull if anyone explain the choosing conditions

Thanks in advance

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31 Jan 2024


Hi Kalyan!

Thanks for reaching out!

Choosing between a one-tailed and a two-tailed hypothesis test depends mostly on the specific research question or the hypothesis you are testing.

Generally, one-tailed tests are used when you have a specific direction in your hypothesis. For example, if you hypothesize that a new marketing strategy will increase sales. In this case, you are only interested in one direction of effect - the increase.

Two-tailed tests are a good option if you want to test for the possibility of an effect in both directions, without a specific direction in the hypothesis. This is appropriate when you're unsure if the change will result in an increase or a decrease, but you are interested in determining if there's any difference at all. Such a hypothesis for instance can imply that changing the price of a product will affect its sales (without specifying whether sales will increase or decrease).

Hope this helps.


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