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12 Nov 2022

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05 Nov 2022


How to add value on previous row

INSERT INTO customers (first_name, last_name, email_address, number_of_complaints)
VALUES ('John', 'MacKinley', '', 0);

ALTER TABLE customers
CHANGE number_of_complaints number_of_complaints INT DEFAULT 0;

INSERT INTO customers (first_name, last_name, gender)
VALUES ('Peter', 'Figaro', 'M');

So I wrote the values on the first row, but I forgot to add 'M' on the GENDER column for John MacKinley. How to add it back?

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Posted on:

09 Nov 2022


Hi Gilliane!
Thanks for reaching out.

You can simply delete this record and add it again with the new values.

Hope this helps.

Posted on:

12 Nov 2022


you can also use update clause
(update customers
set email_adress = ''
where customer_id = 2)
I think this will work
in your case it will be
update customers
set gender =  'M'
where customer_id = 1;

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