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25 Aug 2022

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29 Oct 2021


I am not getting the filtered data using symbols parameter

I have gone through the documentation and the tutorial video. I have used the correct parameters and the code. However I am not getting the filtered set of results. It is showing me the entire set of rates. What could have possibly gone wrong?
This is my code -
base_url = ''
url= base_url + '?symbols=INR,USD'
data = requests.get(url).json()

I am getting 200 as response status but it is returning all the rates instead of only two.

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15 Mar 2022


Use & instead of ?. It should solve your problem.

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25 Aug 2022


I can't sign up on the website in this video...It always redirect me to

If you want to see only two rates, e.g. INR & USD. The following code should work well, as the KEY is provided by "Nishi Paul" in this post:

url = ',USD&access_key=d907503a0296cec21d4fcf96d293c60a'

Otherwise, you can get the same result from the following code as the KEY is provided freely after signing up on

url = ',USD&apikey=__________'

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