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12 Apr 2022

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07 Apr 2022


Resolved: I have Openoffice and not Excel

I'm from Italy and I use "Openoffice Calc" instead of Excel, so some functions don't exist because I have a different version (for example _xlfn.var.s gives "#NAME" instead of a numerical result, and I don't know which function on Openoffice is the equivalent of that of Excel). Is it mandatory for me to purchase Excel or is there a way to use my free Openoffice tool? Thank you

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11 Apr 2022


Hey Alessandro,
Good to hear from you!
Probably you'll have an easier time following along the course with the Online version of Excel or Google sheets. I'm not familiar with Openoffice Calc.

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12 Apr 2022


Hi Alessandro,

I have followed almost the entired course with Openoffice and you can definitely do it, but it will require some research on the Internet to know how to perform some tasks. For example, you will need to check how to make a Pareto diagram or a histogram. The way of doing it in Excel/OpenOffice is different. For some topics I have used the online Excel version though, as Ned recommends. Specially for the exams.

I hope you find this useful.


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