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25 Nov 2023

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15 Nov 2023


INSERT INTO customers (first_name, last_name, gender, email_address, number_of_complaints) VALUES ('

After running the code , i get the error message as seen above yet am following the lecture.

kindly help me on this

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17 Nov 2023


Bro, I alos got the same error saying Error Code 1364: Field "customer_id" doesn;t have default view.
for this write:
insert into customers(customer_id,first_name,last_name,gender,email_address,number_of_complaints)
Run this code, hope it'll resolve.

Posted on:

25 Nov 2023


Hi Simon and Mirza!

Thanks for reaching out.

@Mirza: Thank you very much for sharing a relevant solution!

@Simon: Can you please double check that you've previously executed the same CREATE TABLE customers query as the one shown in the course? If not, please ensure you've used the one we've shared. If yes, please feel free to specify the error message you obtained, Mirza? 

Hope this helps.

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