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05 Nov 2022

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27 Oct 2022


Resolved: line 107- 9:25- the command

I read all the confusions posted in this lesson about the line 107
however my question is about the necessity of typing "0" in "letter_count.get(letter,0). Isn't it by default zero if we do not write it? as far as I learned through the lesson the general command is " letter_count.get(keys or value)" and I do not really understand what does the digit after " ," really imply?if it does imply as an index, it has to be zero by default , if we do not type it.
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05 Nov 2022


that is the value parameter (it is optional), this method contains two parameters, the keyname and value parameter.

keyname Required. The keyname of the item you want to return the value from
value Optional. A value to return if the specified key does not exist.
Default value None

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