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22 Feb 2024

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09 Feb 2023


Resolved: More efficient method for capitalising keywords

From a speed perspective, I prefer to have my code in lowercase, as it is less efficient to have to hold in the Shift key while I type in keywords. Or is there a more efficient method for capitalising all the keywords in my code using MySQL Workbench. 

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Posted on:

10 Feb 2023


Hi Evashen!
Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, this is the option to beautify the code. You can use the combination Ctrl+B and this will format your code.

Hope this helps.

Posted on:

22 Feb 2024


this was my problem too. Thanks for asking that question. 

the solution i got is that just write your code in small letters, and when you are done, copy everything and use these tools online. they will format your code

There are several SQL formatters available online and as standalone applications that can automatically capitalize your SQL keywords for you. These tools can be used to format your code before finalizing it in MySQL Workbench. Some popular SQL formatting tools include SQLFormat, Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter, and online resources like Instant SQL Formatter. 

i personally love Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter (

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