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01 Dec 2021

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18 Nov 2021


Assignment: JOIN more than two tables in SQL

My query differs from what was provided as the solution.
SELECT e.first_name, e.last_name, e.hire_date, t.title, dm.from_date, d.dept_name
FROM employees e
            titles t ON e.emp_no = t.emp_no
            dept_manager dm ON t.from_date = dm.from_date
            departments d ON dm.dept_no = d.dept_no
WHERE t.title = 'Manager'
ORDER BY e.emp_no;

Can I be offered clarification on what i did wrong?

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Posted on:

01 Dec 2021


Hi Esther!

Thanks for reaching out!

The difference is that you used another condition for the ON clause. Please, use the condition provided in the solution as it refers to tables that have been linked through the relevant PK and FK constraints. We have checked these constraints prior to joining these tables.

Hope this helps.

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