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14 Feb 2023

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09 Feb 2023


Next step please

Please, do I need to follow the next steps in the terminal?  if so the commands are not clear pls. 

if not what next?

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Posted on:

14 Feb 2023


Hi Yommi!

Thanks for reaching out.

Apparently, althout rarely, this issue is encountered by Mac users. Therefore, the suggested instructions should help you solve the issue.

Alternatively, you can adjust the path by accessing your home directory (which, I suppose, is .zprofile) through 1) executing the following command in terminal:

vi ~/.zpofile

or, if it doesn't work, try with 

vi ~/.zshrc

and then 2) type and execute the following command after the information that will appear:

export PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin:$PATH

Finally, 3) execute the following command to restart homebrew;

source ~/.zprofile


source ~/.zshrc 

Hope this helps.

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