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02 Oct 2023

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01 Oct 2023


Please fix the materials

I see that someone already pointed out the mistake where the video referred to a colon as a semi-colon, yet nothing in the materials ever gets fixed. This happens frequently in lessons and quizzes, where there is a mistake, and it doesn't get fixed. It's just mentioned in the Q&A section, and that isn't helpful. You're relying on people taking the time to sift through dozens of questions on every page, and then clicking on that question to see if there's answer. And what if people just assume THEY'RE in the wrong and thus don't even bother to to find out if anyone else noticed the mistake? So they're supposed to just continue on with inaccurate information because they assumed the course wouldn't make such an egregious mistake? Please fix your materials. It's not that hard. Google embeds corrections and updates in their videos for their data analytics course all the time. The current way of doing things (by doing nothing) is irresponsible and unhelpful.

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Posted on:

02 Oct 2023


Hi Stephanie, 

thanks for reaching out and your feedback! You're correct, there is a mistake in the video, and I'm sorry if you or any other student felt you were in the wrong or didn't understand the content properly. That's never our intention. In this case, fixing the mistake, however simple it may seem, is not as trivial as it would require either re-recording parts of the audio, or the entire lesson for consistency of the sound, or changing the animation, which means that we'd need a designer tied up with the project. We are planning to update our older courses, and have been doing so in part, and I hope we can do that with the probability course soon. Unfortunately, we cannot update all courses all at once, as our designers are also responsible for creating marketing and new course content, and some projects like this one are still in the pipeline. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us the Q&A hub, or via our channels with any comments or questions on the course content, we're always happy to hear from you. 


365 Eli

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