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19 May 2022

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18 May 2022


Quiz 2. Could you please explain about a reserve option


I cannot understand the second question in the quiz. There 7 options for 4 elements, but this time with a reserve player. Could you please explain why the answer is 7!/2!?


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Posted on:

19 May 2022


Hey Timur,

Thank you for your question!

Following the same logic as the one in Question 1 from the same quiz, we need to choose 5 people (4 people for the team and one reserve player) out 7. Using variations without repetition, we obtain:
V = 7! / (7-5)! = 7! / 2!

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

Posted on:

19 May 2022


Hi Hristina,

Ah, ok. I thought every 4 player needs a reserve player, but it is only one player for all four. Now it is clear.

Thank you very much for the explanation.

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