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03 Jan 2023

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18 Nov 2022


Resolved: Unable to understand Question 2.

Can you please further explain the solution of question 2?

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19 Nov 2022


Hi Dipesh!

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please be more specific - which quiz question/practice exam question you are referring to? Telling us will help us assist you better. Thank you.

Looking forward to your answer.

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03 Jan 2023


I assume Dipesh is talking about the question where the items table is split into two tables - items and companies. The question asks for what columns would be in the items table, the table resulting from splitting the original items table.

The items table is split into two tables, items and companies. This means that there exists a connection/relationship between the two tables. The company_id is a unique identifier that describes what company can be identified with that id. company_id acts as a foreign key in the items table, while acting as a primary key for the companies table. We can confidently say that because there could be multiple items from one company, therefore making that column having duplicate values. In addition, if no item is specified, then that can also be valid. Foreign keys can contain null and duplicate values. The rest of the columns in the items table can be thought of as descriptors of each row/record.

Hope this helps!

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