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06 Apr 2021

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12 Feb 2021


Resolved: Some false answers on the Quiz

for 1st question isn't the compiment of winning : drawing and losing ?
and for the 3rd , knowing 0 is both positive and negative atthe same time shouldn't negative and non negative numbers be the correct option ? i thought compliments are kinda disjoined

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12 Feb 2021


Aymen, I think you are right. These questions answers are not correct. Waiting for instructors' input.

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06 Apr 2021


Hello Aymen and André,

It is interesting to ponder a bit the questions currently in the quiz.
Firstly, the complement of winning is indeed, as you have rightfully put it, everything that is not winning. When going over the questions
offered, I suggest reading them carefully. Nevertheless, your logic is correct, so concentrate on what the task requires us to point out.
Secondly, I feel a small clarification concerning the whole numbers would help best.
We have three types of whole numbers:

  1. negative, those strictly less than zero (x < 0)
  2. zero itself, and
  3. positive, those strictly bigger than zero (x > 0)
    Now, when doing complements, you need to account for having 3 different types instead of 2.
    Mind still, zero is neither positive nor negative. What does this imply for zero being non-positive / non-negative?
    Finally, a new redoing of the quiz is advisable - currently there should be no problems with the answers.

Best regards,
A., The 365 Team

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