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17 Aug 2022

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15 Sept 2021


Resolved: Quiz Question 2 Confusion

The 3rd answer, which is given as the correct answer is exacty the same as the 2nd answer. It feels to me that either the question is wrong or the answers are wrong.

Can you please clarify?

I see there are other students who have the same problem.


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Posted on:

20 Oct 2021


Hi Sachintha,
the quiz should be reuploaded with updated answers, thanks for letting us know about the issue. If there's anything else you spot, don't hesitate to write to us.

365 Eli

Posted on:

21 Oct 2021


Thanks Eli.

Posted on:

17 Aug 2022


Not sure why the answer option 1 "Drawing a Queen and drawing a Jack" was not independent event. Kindly explain. Thank you.

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